Our Heritage

What is Royal Exodus?

Royal Exodus is when regality meets movement. An original lifestyle brand that takes you on the journey of fine clothing. A new age of fashion begins with Royal Exodus.  Royal Exodus is a brand for everything from everyday casual to formal wear. With the progression of an ever-changing fashion industry, RE offers a modern and classic style that outfits every moment. RE is a trend that creates a confluence of casual and formal with vibrant colors and expressive designs.

Why Royal Exodus?

Aaron Abraham, the CEO and architect of Royal Exodus is the story behind the difference in this brand. Since middle school, Aaron had been fascinated with fashion. Over the years he had honed his skills in fashion so that he could stand out in many different styles. His versatility in many different forms of fashion left many amazed on how he combined both casual and formal together for a myriad of occasions.  Conceptually he merged colors and combinations with a dexterity that stood out in every forum. From the simplicity required in millennial hang outs to the formality of ethnic functions he managed to always become the center of attention with a uniqueness that cried style but never shouted it.

When did Royal Exodus journey begin?

The prevalent time honored problem of supply and demand constantly led to a struggle to find the perfect offerings. The result is his own creations that he had to tailor to suit his wishes. This is what led him to dream about starting a clothing company of his own. Royal Exodus is the awakening of that dream. A clothing and accessory line that would mix, match and merge fitment, style and fabric, to complement and supplement every occasion with simple elegance.